Arcade Banner Clicks

Terms & Conditions

Our Rules
The banner exchange is for arcade/game sites.

Your site content and the ad networks you choose must be family friendly.

The banners you upload must be also family friendly.

We have made some banners available to our members to use as needed. They are only for use with No other use is permitted. Any use of them found on any other banner exchange will result in us contacting that exchange and requestiong our banner removed and your account shut down on it. Most banner exchanges would rather comply than risk being shut down by the authorities or their hosting company.

We don't accept sites that are primarily of affiliate content.

If you are cought even attempting to cheat, your account is deleted. This includes clicking on ads on your own site.

In order to qualify for an ad to be activated, the exchange code must be in place first. If we go to verify and it is not up, we delete the ad without activating it. If you put it up and later take it down, your ads will be deactivated.

If your account is deleted for any reason, such as cheating, you loose all credits, and you will recieve no refunds what so ever.

We reserve all rights to ourselves, including the rights to change these rules without notice, and to delete users for any reason including what we feel is detrimental to the system or other users.

Unlike other banner exchanges, we may accept arcades not in the top level domain, such as in a folder or a subdomain, at our descretion. We will want to see some proof that you have the right to put an arcade on it such as a bit of text we specify in the footer of the top level domain. We are willing to work with people, but we will ask some cooperation from you in this. The URL you supply for the banner code must point back ONLY to the arcade portion of your site though.

Any and all descisions are at our discretion and final. There is no route of appeal what so ever.

You must accept these terms, and any changes to them we make, in order to use this site. Your use of this site is acceptance of these terms.

this is a click for click exchange,the better position to get more clicks will give you more in return.